Planting Season around town(s).

It seems appropriate now that it is spring and peoples’ minds turn to planting, not to mention food security, to offer this idea, (also found on the Great Ideas page on this weblog) for towns and cities to consider if they haven’t already been doing it as Christchurch NZ has. Almost 7,000 edible fruit and nut trees have been planted as part of almost 123,000 trees and bushes planted around the city which are shown on the interactive map included.

The idea of urban agriculture isn’t new, as this lengthy but interesting article shows – which is also packed full of other links and information. It is a good read to the pass the time while self isolating.

In 2016, Victoria B.C. built a boulevard gardening webpage including this detailed guide giving residents wanting to plant, the option of using the boulevards around the city.

Just to get you thinking further, in case you don’t think you have space to grow an onion never mind a whole nasturtium plant (yes, these lovely blossoms and leaves are edible)..instead of the best containers to use for growing vegetables, here is a list of the best veggies to grow in containers.

This allows ample room for your creativity to run rampant, in finding your own vessels for planting in.

Given that we are also collectively learning that some of us don’t really need a car as much as we thought we might, here is a nice short article on optional ways to use car parts to the advantage of your garden.

Just a few ideas to distract and inspire.

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