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Resources, templates, links to organizations and articles that support better understanding and coordination of pre-event recovery planning as well as ongoing recovery efforts, are listed below. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but examples to support further sharing of information.

Air Quality

Air Quality Health Index

Alternative Energy

Considering rebuilding, using alternate energy sources

Review of 7 different mobile solar panels

Backwoods Solar

Review of wind turbines, 2020

Reviews of micro hydro options, 2019

Solar water pump

Solar Desalination plants


Animal Lifeline Emergency Rescue Team

Animal response/recovery plan for community

Animals after disaster; vet considerations

Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team (CDART)


Info on emerg prep for your pets

Emergency evacuation planning for birds

Evacuation of Horses

Caring for reptiles and amphibians post disaster

How to ease a pet’s stress after disaster

6 groups that help to save animals

World Animal Protection in long term recovery

art & Artists

CERF+: An organization in the USA that helps craftspeople prepare for emergencies. Much relevant info.

International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies – ++good website and resource to explore arts groups and projects globally.

How the creative process can lower cortisol levels and reduce stress…

Art Therapy without Borders

Creative Recovery Network

Promoting emotional recovery through arts and physical activity

Climate and the Arts


Green Building Tool Kit post wildfire

3D printed houses


Pros and Cons of building with straw bales

Pros and Cons of building with stone

Pros and Cons of building with cob

Isothermal College- list of alternative building methods and materials

Building with biological concrete

Building Back Better

Article on BBB

Lo-TEK a compendium of indigenous technologies

Business Continuity

Rapid Damage Assessment course

Designing a Business Continuity plan

Business continuity planning for smaller businesses

Planning for business recovery


article – care giver supports

Citizen Science

How citizens can participate in gathering data, research..


Climate Change

Climate Change Definitions- from the BBC

What climate change looks like in Canada…


Why community matters most in community recovery


Research- communications via social media post disaster

Example: Community Radio Station

The Covid Collective: podcasts


International policy and strategies in the cultural sector – amazing list!

BC Government Covid website

WorkSafeBC Covid information – returning to safe operation

BC Alliance for Arts and Culture – Covid resources

Covid Resources for Non Profits

Statists (USA) re: nonprofits and the toll of Covid on these groups

BC Food Security – Covid Resources

BC Farmers Markets supports for Covid19

Ministry of Agriculture Covid19 supports

Community based measures for safety – Covid19

Canadian Mental Health Association- Covid supports

Supports for Child Care providers, Covid19

Resources from BC Centre for Disease Control – Recreational facilities, Covid19

Office of the Seniors Advocate for BC- Covid resources

Online resources and ideas for running a virtual non profit, Covid19

Non Profit governance tips, legalities and other (USA)

Non Profit Governance in a Pandemic

Culture and Heritage

Salvaging museum items and collections

How culture influences disaster recovery


In depth paper on various types of debris removal

Disaster Financial Assistance

DFA programinformation


Ideas from Australia

Donated food that could cause allergies


Indigenous online learning

Things to do with kids while isolating

Inequity for access to education

Historic Childrens Book Archive

Audio books for kids

Things My Kids Do

Emergency Management British Columbia

EMBC- Response and Recovery

Emotional Support Servicessee below under Trauma


Empathy Training with Youth in Denmark

How long does public empathy last after a disaster?


Dealing with climate change grief


BC and Alberta Emergency Livestock evacuation group (FB page)

Ministry of Agriculture Emergency Management guide for small farms

Central Kootenay Food initiative

The Young Agrarians

Farm emergency contact sheet template

Non profit support group for farmers: Do More Ag

False information, fake news and avoiding scams

Sites for fact checking information

False Information and how to identify it

Donating to good causes and avoiding scams


Repair of fencing post bushfire…Policy

BlazeAid- non profit group who repair fences and other structures (Australia)

Food Preservation and Storage

sustainable urban food production

stockpilingand preserving food

food preservation….more tips

List of heir loom seed producers (USA)

Foods we have eaten out of existence


How to clean a house after a fire


Wildfire Management Branch – current situation


Remediation of flooding effectsin the urban environment

long term flooding affects in Mississippi,etc

What happens to a flooded field?


Corporate giving comparisons and success of recoveries

Suggestions for appropriate giving, post disaster

Grant Writing

List of grant writing “how to” books

Tips on grant writing

A guide for community foundations post disaster


Research on how gratitude can change the brain


Different types of grief

Dealing with grief and loss in community, following disaster

Climate Grief


Tiny Homes

Little House on Wheels

Access to Shelters

Social Capitol and infrastructure values

The Pearlington sheds – Building Goodness Foundation

Habitat Strong- part of Habitat for Humanity

Very interesting research paper on self built housing post disaster; maintaining community and cultural identity; vulnerabilities, etc

Getting rid of mold post disaster


in times of disaster…


Planning for the future; infrastructure


Livestock– planning for amounts of feed and water to have available for various types of livestock, etc.

Livestock emergency plan

Floods and livestock


Indigenous Guardianship Program


What to do after disaster strikes

Mental Health

mental health slogans and campaigns..

What we have learned about the impacts of disasters

Natural Hazards

What is an earthquake?


Definition: Pandemic

CANADA- Public health site: Corona Virus

Osoyoos Persists: website with great collection of good info re: Covid19 practices.

Personal Preparedness

Grab and Go kit info

Teaching your kids to use 911


Managing animals in disaster

Cat carrier-homes out of coolers

Pet food storage

Pets and insurance

Tornado planning for pets

Power Outage

Power outage map in BC


From the Centre for Disaster Recovery…What does “disaster recovery” mean?

For audiences engaged in developing recovery plans within government systems

Leading in Disaster Recovery-a Companion through the Chaos

Guide to Engaging in recovery

Anne Leadbetter: interesting interview (in short bits or full length) regarding issues in recovery

National Centre for Disaster Preparedness

Successful Recovery-what it can look like


Why we often get Resilience wrong

Integrity for Life website

Gather My Crew – online coordination tools for helping each other in community


Shrinking Smart…small towns managing population decline

Article on rural recovery

Milkwood – skills for rural living and so much more….

Rural Services – Article from CRRF


short effective video from Australia on being smart….!

Small Business

BCEDA Toolkit for economic preparedness


Supporting seniors after disasters

Social Capitol

Bonding, Bridging and Linking

How to help out in Australia

“Memorials do have a profound effect”

Podcast with Daniel Aldrich, discussing his new book, “Black Wave”.

Social Distancing

Dealing with lonliness

Social vs Physical Distancing

Supporting Agencies– Utilities




Templates and Examples- various topics

Good Example of Recovery Plan for Veterinarians-from Texas U

Timing of recovery

The sooner recovery begins, the better

Recovery can’t be rushed

Recovery takes a long time…


Cargo bikes

Use of bicycles after disaster

Drive BC

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Disaster Response and Recovery Plan MOTI : includes examples of each of the 8 BCEMS Goals

Trauma and emotional supports

RUOK? Good information on supporting those you love

Secondary Trauma Stress

How mental health supports for employees pays back

Gratitude and trauma

Long walks cure anxiety

PHSA – Health Emergency Management BC

First Nations Health Authority

Emotional supports for farmers

The Polyvagal Ladder


United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

UNDRIP Declaration in British Columbia

Unmet Needs Committees

Long Term Recovery Groups; (more permanent Unmet Needs Committees)

Example: Unmet Needs group


Urban planning for disaster recovery


for vehicles that have been through a flood


Caring for volunteers

VOAD. Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster


Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit

Daniel Aldrich on the effects of social capitol


Disinfecting water after a disaster (Texas)

Biosand filters – CAWST

WHO- drinking water post disaster

World Water Reserve

Weather – before an event, and after.

Brandon Houck FB page- Western Canada+ weather

Avalanche Canada

Drought -National Drought Mitigation Centre

Extreme weather events

River Forecast Centre

Weather forecast-Environment Canada



High School students trained for Emergency Operations Centre

Preparing Our Home

Youth Creating Disaster Recovery & Resilience

My Hero is You- Downloadable book for kids ages 6-11, re: covid19