The “G”s have it.

For some serendipitous and coincidental reason, the ongoing list of information and resources being collected, all began with G this week. …

GLUU – Linda Fawcus in Langley BC has founded a society that supports seniors in staying connected via technology .

Grist Mill and Gardens – Now doing daily virtual tours that cover everything from A to Z, the Grist Mill and Gardens just outside Keremeos B.C., is a great place to learn and visit (remotely) from.

**Also, if you are a student between 15-30 returning to school in the fall, the Grist Mill is hiring summer students… the deadline to apply is May 1 .

Goodbyes – Comments and examples on the difficulties and solutions around saying goodbye to loved ones in these times.

Gatherings during Covid19 pandemic. Nope. Just don’t, outside the guidelines given at present.

Grow your own: A tour around the province to see how things are changing regarding food supplies and growers.

Government Benefits information and FAQ’s – Extensive, and updated regularly by Jennifer Robson, Associate Professor of Political Management (Carlton).

Grant Writing – A great resource and basic (yet lengthy) list from the University of Kansas “Community Tool Box- chapter 14” of what to consider for writing successful grants. (This is also listed on the Funding and Resources page for future reference).

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