Great Ideas

Great Ideas

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Sometimes, the solution to a problem is found by grabbing that “box” and thinking outside of it, when supporting recovery efforts. Below are some project ideas that have been born out of necessity and using the formula: good common sense + practicality x local knowledge = growth of resiliency”.

Mobile grocery stores…initially designed to support an aging population who didnt necessarily drive, these little vehicles could be a boon to isolated areas that may not be able to get to food stores during initial recovery phases..

Cargo Bikes …article on the pro’s and con’s of using cargo bikes in cities; but the potential for such mobile and practical vehicles are obvious when considering access (or lack of) post disaster.

Getting your cat used to a carrier … You do not want to be trying to coax your furry family member to get into a carrier just as you are about to evacuate…tips on how to get them used to the carrier ahead of time.

It’s My Shout- shop local campaign, pay it forward.

Take One Leave One project– great idea post disaster when people are perhaps trying to rebuild their lives in all directions. Though this project was set up for people who are homeless for longer time periods, the same tact could be taken post disaster, in colder climates.

GPS your loved ones shoes: when confusion is a the usual state of mind of some beloved family members, imagine how much more this may be multiplied after a disaster, or when you are getting used to your “new normal”. A short article on a new invention in Australia that might offer piece of mind…

Connecting the Dots, in Australia. – putting the “needs” together with the “haves”- communities and corporations making connections. This great idea could be done almost ….anywhere…!

Knit in Public Day: A local market begins a project to knit together community….and make quilts for seniors. This could easily be translatable to replacing bedding for those who have lost their own in a disaster.

Creatour– Take 38 minutes and 23 seconds out of your day and enrich yourself…and let your creative synapses do their job and help you consider the possibilities for this type of project to be supported in other parts of the world. (It already is in a few spots). A practical and genuine way of supporting tourism via the arts, heritage, culture. A way to bring back economic stability after regional disasters, such as wildfires, or floods…(?). Note: The video is fully subtitled in Portuguese and English. To select and change the language, go to “settings” – “subtitles” – and select the subtitle directly on the video.

Nanny Angel Network (NAN). This organization is unfortunately not nation wide, (but is growing…). A group that would be of great value anytime, but after disaster in particular. This type of service would be of great benefit to those parents with illnesses that still need to keep going to appointments, treatments etc – no matter what situation they are in.

Use what you have been given: This project includes new artwork created by artists using charcoal collected from the Australian fires. Proceeds of an exhibition including these works to go to those affected by the bushfires.

Bricks from ash: Along the same lines as the great idea, above, in the Philippines, ash collected following the eruption of the Taal volcano in early January of this year

Fruit and Nut map: Mapping the edible fruits and nuts available to the public in a city; Interactive map that is a great example from Christchurch New Zealand who as a council have been planting these trees for years around their community.

Little Lunch on Line: In these days of distancing, this is a great project for anyone, anywhere with access to a computer. Offered as a 4 year arts project via platform and driven by Feral Arts . One more great idea from the endlessly creative Australians.

Audio Challenges: Face masks for the hearing impaired:

Artists working in community recovery projects: from Creative Recovery Network.

India wins UN award for innovation– Big thinking outside of the box on behalf of rural communities.

Using Electric cars for power after disaster

Ulmer Pods use as temp housing after disaster?