Training & Opportunities

Listed below are organizations and businesses that offer training in emergency response as well as recovery in Canada. Mostly you will find response training is offered, however more specific training that is supportive of or focused on recovery, is becoming available particularly since Covid19 arrived and raised awareness about the need for “recovery” in many forms, both pandemic-related as well as from other disasters.

Conferences and training events are listed at the bottom of the page.

Training Organizations

Canadian Redcross

DRI-Disaster Recovery Institute

Emergency Management BC- Disaster Financial Assistance (webinar)

First Nations Emergency Services Society

Justice Institute of British Columbia


Royal Roads University


Information on Charities:

A-Z list of links regarding Charities

Facilities safety checklist:

Communications considerations:

Initial checklist template:

Basic HRVA template example:

HRVA Adjustable template

Identified Hazards in Canada:

Policy examples for PERP:

Memorandum of Understanding Information for Non Profits (USA)

MOU info from Anschutz Family Foundation (Colorado)

Good Governance Tips for Non Profits in the recovery process

Link to Call out Sheet examples

Webinars & Podcasts

Creative Recovery Network. Creative Responders Podcast series

Australian Institute for Disaster Recovery – community lead recovery series

EMBC– various webinars mostly for response and preparedness

BangTheTable. Podcast re: the importance and usefulness of online platforms for response and recovery supports

The Community Recovery Webinar Sessions

Jan 27 to April 7 2021

To request a link to register for these sessions please email: or

Jan 27: Overview of the 4 Pillars of Recovery

BC Association of Emergency Managers website

Facebook page: BC Association of Emergency Managers

Facebook page: The Second Responders – community recovery


West Kootenay Regional Arts Council

Jonathan Eaton: PHD Candidate doing research

ArtsBC Facebook page

February 10: Funding for community recovery- Sources, Resources & Accessibility

February 10: Funding for community recovery – Sources, Resources & Accessibility

A-Z list of links regarding Charities

Community Foundations:

Canadian Red Cross:

This link takes you to the Community Grants page of BCH: 

Union of BC Municipalities

Indigenous Services Canada:

Information on the history and updating of the Emergency Program Act

Hay Program:

Summary of DFA program:

Public Safety Canada- Emergency Management:

TD Friends of the Environment:

Walmart – Local Giving:

Polster Environmental Services:

FebruAry 24: A Southern Perspective in community-led recovery from Australia & New Zealand

National Principles for Disaster Recovery in Australia

Community-led literature review

Information regarding recovery in Aboriginal communities:

·  “Lost Conversations”





Community Emergency Hub Guide information:

March 10: Capacity – Discussions with 3 presenters offering resources,stories and best practices

Preparing our Home:

Preparing Our Home Program Brochure:

Bergen, Norway: capacity building:

Post wildfire recovery reflections:

Description of 2003 McClure fire and recovery efforts:

Natural Resources in use by Municipalities for resilience and sustainability:

Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

Nautral Asset Management: Resources and Links, Town of Gibsons BC

March 24: Emotional and Trauma supports.

Canadian Mental Health Assoc

Living Life to the Full

First Nations Health Authority – Mental Health and Wellness

Health: mental health, substance abuse, virtual supports

You Are Not Alone

Mental Health and Wellness TOOLKIT

Disaster Psychosocial Program

April 7th: Communications in Recovery events

Summary notes:


Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity Conference

Follow this link for updates on future EPBC conferences.

NESST: Northern Emergency Support Services Training Conference Information:.

Check back here for dates and more information re: the 2024 NESST conference.

VIEP Vancouver Island Emergency Preparedness Conference:

Follow the above link for updates on future VIEP conferences.