Where to begin?

There are so many aspects to community recovery it is hard to know where to begin.

This website , as well as a blogging site, includes a number of pages of information useful in carrying out various community recovery projects, actions, events, etc. Have a look at the Funding & Resources page (of particular interest for those who like grant writing….) for ideas for potential funders to approach for recovery projects; the Links & More page is a running list of topics with articles, research, templates, organizations; (you name it), that make reference or offer possible solutions to ongoing recovery work. The other pages offer more info: Good Reads, Great Ideas (should you need inspiration for your community recovery projects) which Agency does what when for whom…etc. .

Therefore, in no particular order, blogs will be posted covering a variety of topics that are all in some way connected to this very broad subject. If you have particular topics you would like to learn or share more about, send them along and we will seek and hopefully find what you need and/or will add your information to the site.

This is after all, a place to connect and share information and best practices and good stories and….(etc) to make community recovery as easy as possible for those going through it, as well as those who support them.

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