Birding, anyone?

“A report of 24 Bluebirds at Duncan’s orchard yesterday. We have our first swallows and swans galore have been passing through.”

The above comment was made yesterday (March 20/2020) from one of our beautiful rural areas in the Kootenays.

There are maaaany places around the country where this particular activity can be done. In singles or pairs – this can be a great thing to do particularly on a lovely spring day like today. Just stay far enough apart (6 feet) as, binoculars raised, you try to follow the path of an as yet unidentified wonderful feathery thing muttering: …”is that a Lazy Cisticola?”or, no – probably just a “Satanic Nightjar”. I imagine one of the most frustrating birding outings would be to find and identify the ” Invisible Rail”. Yes. There is such a bird, though how would you ever see it?.

Consider not following the way of these Chilean Flamingos, who don’t really seem to understand the “6 foot” rule too well.

Happy birding- whether in an armchair, bird book in hand, or venturing out carefully to the wilds!

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