Creative Funding.

There are many different ways to use funding to help those recover from disasterous events.

Fundraising events. Planned giving. Grant writing. Matching funds. Matching resources. … and on and on.

It is mostly a matter of considering what the end result needs to be, then narrowing down the various paths to take to get there. Do not think that if the key funders that step forward to help say “sorry, that doesn’t fit our mandate”, that there aren’t other ways of pursuing your goal. And consider the longer term projects as well and what will be needed for the best recovery outcome down the road.

Perhaps a funder cannot help with rebuilding a daycare centre; but they can help with programming when coordination and running the (newly rebuilt!) daycare will be appreciated. Another funder may be able to donate building materials but can’t give you funds. There are volunteer groups that will (seemingly magically at times) show up as a trained building crew and ask ” what do you need doing?” who may be able to provide the labour required. Of course this sounds simple and requires much more than is suggested here, but you get the picture. Piecing funding and resources together is a valuable skill that any community recovery team or manager will be able to put to good use.

On the Funding and Resources page you will find names of organizations in BC and abroad that may be of help in searching for paths to successfully funding your recovery project. It may not seem obvious how some of them can be of help, but reading the parameters of their funding capacity carefully, considering how your project (or part of it) could fit in and then calling the funder to clarify if not sure, will help. If you have a question about where to look for funding sources, and can’t find anything in the resources listed, be in touch.

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